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Watercolour Moles

mole post

The secret lives of Moles…

Small original watercolours, each one hand-painted. The first ever mole was painted in 1990 and still today they have kept all their character and charm.

Moles come supplied in a double mount ready for framing.


Handmade Animal Cushions


So this is our first post on our new wagtail and willow website, and we would like to introduce you to some of the gang. Each of our handmade cushions are full of character, some cheeky, some smart and some are just a little bit snooty.

 A mix of new and recycled fabrics and buttons make them eclectic and individual, the fabrics vary from tartans and tweeds to velvet, silk and suede. Each animal is appliqued onto a wool backing and filled with a British made duck feather pad.

  For the full range of these characterful creatures visit our shop, with one to suit everyone’s home.