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Tea Cup Bird Feeder

This week is just a very quick DIY, its great for you to use, a perfect gift
for a friend or a family member and is good for wildlife – what more could
you want?!

We will be showing you how to make a tea cup bird feeder, this is the perfect
time to be putting out food for birds in your garden, all those new fledglings
wouldn’t mind a helping hand!


tea cup bird feeder, wagtail and willow



















Simply clean the cup and saucer, make sure they’re dry, then set the plate down.
Run a strip of glue on the saucer, not in the middle, but from the middle to the
edge, then with the  handle pointing upwards, set the cup over the strip of glue,
and gently press it into the glue. Depending on how thin the set is, the cup may
be able to sit up on it’s own, or you may need to gently wrap a towel around it
to keep it in place while it dries.
Once it’s dry, fasten a string to the handle,

and taa-daa! It’s unique, it’s simple, it’s beautiful.


Credit: Diy and images from  bushel-and-a-peck