Pretty Cup Lights

At Wagtail and Willow we love discovering what clever and quirky ideas
are out there and are continuously on the hunt for new inspiration.
We have decided each week we will share with you something we have come
across in our searches, whether it be a craft idea, a home DIY or a
tasty recipe.

To start us off we would like to share this dainty craft idea, colorful cup
lighting that could transform any space with your own personal touch.
Its actually very simple, you will need:

A strand of fairy lights (plain bulbs)

yogurt pots or plastic cups

paper or fabric of your choice

glue and craft knife

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All you have to do is cut your paper or fabric into strips and glue it around the cup.
After that, cut small X’s into the top of the cup, and stick the light through.
Make sure the little flaps you have created slot over the head of the fairy light
to hold it in place.

Do not leave unattended.


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